Pupil Support staff are committed to provide all learners with the same opportunities to succeed. The team operates an open door policy welcoming pupils, parents, carers, outside agencies and teachers to work in partnership and support young people to access the curriculum at all levels. 

Principal Teacher of Pupil Support: Miss Wotherspoon


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Principal Teacher of Pupil Support

Miss K Wotherspoon

Pupil Support Teachers

Miss M Kenefick

Mrs N Mann

Classroom Assistants

Ms Cornelius

Mr Finnigan

Miss McMeekin

Mrs Robertson

Mrs Page

Mrs Sneddon

Ms Slade

Mrs Wallace

Alternative Assessment Arrangements 

The Pupil Support department has a critical role in ensuring that every candidate is given an equal opportunity to demonstrate their attainment, regardless of any barriers that they may have in their learning. The department works closely with Class Teachers, Faculty Heads, and the SQA Coordinator in providing alternative assessment arrangements, and together they make sure this process is fair and operates with integrity.


Tutorial Groups 

The department aims to give pupils every opportunity to achieve their full potential, including the provision of high quality targeted support to those who need it. This can be in the form of small tutorial groups for subjects including Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing. Pupils who attend these groups will be selected using a robust selection process, and in consultation with pupils, parents/carers and subject teachers to make sure this is the correct intervention to support their learning and wellbeing. Individuals will work through relevant Benchmarks and be assessed accordingly. Learning reviews will take place termly to evaluate pupil progress and effectiveness of support. Tutorials will include high quality direct teaching and active learning experiences in a small group setting, designed to meet individual needs.


In Class Support 

Pupil Support Teachers work with subject teachers to deliver lessons and effectively meet the needs of individuals. Classroom Assistants also work with pupils and teachers to ensure all needs are met and lessons are able to run smoothly. Where a pupil works in class with the support of a Pupil Support Teacher and/or Classroom assistant, they will have an Action Plan which will be written in consultation with all relevant parties including pupils, parents/carers, subject teachers etc.


Learning Reviews

During your young person's parents' evening, there will be an opportunity for you to discuss their progress in each subject area. Thereafter, if any issues have been raised, collaboration between pupil support staff and subject teachers will take place to identify young people who would benefit from a Learning Review. At this point, parents and carers will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss potential issues and the strategies and supports available.

In addition to these Learning Reviews, if you have any concerns or wish to discuss your child’s learning, please contact Miss Wotherspoon, who will be happy to assist you in any way she can.

Contact details: gw09wotherspoonkaren@glow.sch.uk

Extra-curricular Oppertunities

The Support Base is open each day during break and lunchtime. The Base offers a safe place for pupils who may find the playground overwhelming, and the chance to form positive relationships with other pupils and staff.




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