Celebrating and acknowledging the success of our young people is important to each member of staff within the school and we have created a process for formally rewarding our young people.

Royal Recognition

Within Irvine Royal we regularly acknowledge pupils who embody the school values in all that they do and highlight their achievements throughout the course of the school year.  To celebrate this, we plan reward outings at the end of the academic session.

Throughout the course of the year, there are opportunities for departments and faculties to acknowledge pupils who work consistently well over the course of each month.  The monthly awards will be based on pupils “living” by the core values as set out in the ‘Promoting Positive Relationships’ policy.  These pupils will be:

  • Ambitious – they make their days count and show their desire to learn and achieve their goals in everything they do, they believe in better
  • Respectful – their actions towards others are always positive.  They accept that everyone is unique and treat others as they wish to be treated
  • Responsible – they lead by example and demonstrate an understanding that their actions have consequences

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Departmental Recognition

Each term departments will nominate young person(s) for Royal Recognition and will pass this information to the relevant HoH who will the coordinate this to support Royal Recognition for the school year.  Departments will issue their departmental certificates to pupils each month, this will be captured and shared on social media to recognise the hard work and effort of our young people.

Departmental Recognition

Each young person automatically receives a merit for each period of the week they are in and will retain that merit if they attend class and actively engage in their learning.  This means that pupils have the opportunity to gain 32 merits every week they are in school full-time.

Pupils will lose ONE merit during a period when they do not embody the school values of Ambition, Respect and Responsibility.  It is imperative that staff are letting pupils know when they have not retained their merit and are highlighting which category it relates to.  It is also important to acknowledge when pupils are retaining their merit and celebrating this.

Demerits are recorded on the system and will be deducted from the total number available to adjust the weekly total.  All pupils will then start the following week with a refreshed total of 32 merits.

Pupils with 90% and above of their available merits and 90% and above attendance at the end of each term will be acknowledged through Royal Rewards – this will be displayed on the board outside DHT office and a text alert will be sent home.  Parents/carers of those young people recivineg this will be notified on the following dates:

  • Friday 14 October (term 1)
  • Friday 23 December (term 2)
  • Friday 31 March (term 3)
  • Wednesday 28 June (term 4)

Term Recognition will go towards the Royal Recognition for the school year.




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