Irvine Royal Academy - Coat of Arms


The arms shown above was granted by the Lord Lyon. It is based on the arms of Irvine Royal Burgh.

Ravenspark Academy was also granted a coat of arms, shown below.



Irvine Royal Academy School Song

The school historically had its own song. It is no longer used. It was written by Will Templeton and came into use aorund 1914.


Dawn in the East and a world awaking
Stirring to action fresh and strong,
Over the hills the silence breaking
Hark to the rousing battle song.
Gold in the West and a tired sun sinking
Shades of the night let the echos ring.
East and West with its music linking
What is the song and who doth sing?

I, your mother the school that taught you
I am the singer, all attend
These are the words that I have brought you,
The good cause triumphs in the end

Homeland or far land, plain or highland
Tropic forest or icy north.
Sun bleached desert or palm-crossed island
Over the earth the song goes forth.
Arctic trails where the brightness blinds you
Hear its music and think of me,
Far in the south it seeks and finds me
Ever the same on land or sea.


Sons of a school, that a King called Royal,
You are the knights of the song today.
Still to the ancient faith hold loyal
In weal or woe, at work or play.
Hold to the song whate’er betide you
Rough though the road it calls to wend
Straight to the journey’s goal t’will guide you
The Good Cause will triumph in the end.






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P7/S1 Welcome Videos

The different departments have created short welcome videos to introduce the staff and the subjects taught in them. Have a look and see who your teacher could be.